Create a Django Development Environment in a Single Click

DjangoOneClick is a convenient tool for developers who have little or no programming experience, or for those who want to try out Django, but don't want to bother with installing Python or sullying their Python environment with Django and related dependencies.

The app itself was heavily inspired by Rails One Click, an app by Oscar Del Ben.

What DjangoOneClick Does

DjangoOneClick sets up a Python 2.7 environment in ~/Documents/DjangoOneClick, then installs Django into that environment. After installation is complete, you can launch a terminal in the environment from the app.

If at any point you decide you're done playing with Django, you can delete the ~/Documents/DjangoOneClick folder, which will get rid of everything installed by the app.

Project Status: Alpha

While the app works perfectly fine, it is a bit rough around the edges. Namely, the app downloads Python regardless of whether the system version is sufficient, so installation time is rather long and resource intensive. This will be fixed soon.


  • Use system Python if available, along with virtualenv to manage environment and dependencies
  • Create better (and unique) UI
  • Create Github project page
  • General refactoring


DjangoOneClick - InstallViewDjangoOneClick - LaunchView